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11/27(WED) [Celebrity Talk] Drama Life of Thousands of Turns

[Celebrity talk]
Activity time: 11/27 (WED) 14:00-16:30
Theme: "The Thousands of Revolutionary Life"
Lecturer: Honduras (Hong Shengde)

activity description:
Honduras (the real name Hong Shengde) served as a behind-the-scenes costume and props in Vision in 1987, but because he did not have the opportunity to walk from behind the scenes, he left the entertainment circle temporarily.
There are many types of work in the middle: such as taxis, delivery workers, goat milk distribution, gas dealers, movers, stalls, furniture salesmen, freighters, and so on.

After 7 years in the workplace, after meeting and talking with him, he decided to serve as his exclusive driver and assistant. Because of this opportunity, he joined the "stone family" by chance.
And at the suggestion of Xu Xiaoyu, I began to perform imitation and gradually became popular, and started the performing arts of variety shows! The reason for his popularity is precisely because he takes every job seriously.
After seeing all aspects of life and human warmth, the life experience and experience are internalized into his profound foundation on the stage. I have imitated more than 80 classic characters from Professor Ye, Liu Wencong, Lin Zhenzhen and Tony Chen.
Turning on the performance of thousands of turns, Honduras said: "Although it is very hard to prepare for the role, the heat of fermentation and the sense of accomplishment are actually worthwhile. It is even more difficult to say."

This year, (2019) was selected as the best supporting actor in the drama "We are at a distance from evil" in the corner of the drama. With the observation of life and the ups and downs of life,
Let's listen to the joy and experience of Honduras eating sugar cane in the entertainment industry!

Outline of the lecture:
1.My restless youth dream
2.Many years of low tide, rich in life thickness
3.Opportunity, give people ready
4.Imitate, drama, and eat the life of sugar cane


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