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【Want to get off work? Follow the grandfather to understand more important things than hard work! 】

This month's celebrity talk is "grandfather"!
Sharing his slash entrepreneurial experience
How to work for yourself, not much to say, follow the footsteps of YS
Meet with Xiaobian through text and photos #斜斜叔叔#崴爷吧!
Start a business from an early age!
Grandpa, influenced by parents
The original ambition is a stable civil servant
But when I was 8 years old, I bought a white mouse in a pet shop.
Brought to the school and caused a lot of attention
Let him take the opportunity to start selling small pets at school.
Start his first micro-entrepreneurship
Dare to do, have a chance to succeed
Although this startup was when my mother cleaned the room
Unexpected end of the asset (small mouse)
But it has also become a very important experience for his future slash startup.
Whether it is doing small business at school, night market stalls
Even the first company was founded at the age of 23
These experiences continue to nourish his potential to "see business opportunities"
Realistic test allows you to set goals
Because real life is not always so smooth
As if telling my grandfather that life has to go through the ups and downs
Will let you have major thoughts and changes
Experience father's stroke and mother's excessive anxiety
Workplace work income is less than expenditure, and the burden is getting bigger
He deeply felt the pain of "the inability to protect the people he loves."
Facing such a dilemma
He chose to start his own business and invest in hot pot dining.
This venture gave him a taste of success.
However, it is difficult to manage the rent increase of the landlord and the management of the clerk.
Feel the cold education brought about by the real society
He reminded himself to "keep good, but don't forget to think for yourself."
Learn to make your own decisions
Only in the future review will you understand how those connections are connected in series.
The sudden changes in life are like a blow to my grandfather.
But remember that his parents taught him
Still using "positive and turning" to face and deal with
I also asked the young friends present at the meeting what their goals are?
Remind everyone not to listen to other suggestions
Don't forget to cultivate the ability of "self-thinking"
Failure is the best time for you to learn
This 6-year cruel catering business journey
Make your grandfather more mature and more modest
Through the tempering of different roles in society
Make him feel his experience in the collision of life
Sometimes the bad things you encounter are not bad, and you may even turn around.
Farewell to the stage of entrepreneurship
Grandpa because of his interest and judgment of the future industry
Choose to enter the advertising media circle as the first stop to return to the workplace
Successfully operate the fundraising platform and create a network red economy
In order to accumulate experience and energy
With the wave of the Internet from the media to find a new direction!
Realize the ideal of "I work for me"
Say goodbye to the office workers who are nine to five.
Luck is cultivable
Returning to business from the workplace again
Grandpa said: Want to open your own "external life"?
You must have a slash force!
Six key soft powers were proposed:
"Brand Power": Becoming your own brand and building a "reliable" impression of cumulative yin value.
"Observation": The goal is more important than hard work. Only when you stand in the right place can you take off.
"Evolution": Life is like a marathon, and the big ones can be late!
"Time Management": There is no balance between life, and sometimes it is necessary to make a choice.
"Sustainability": The temporary floods are far less than the torrents.
"Self-healing power": keep a sense of humor, find the value of your faith, cherish family and friends, read more
With these, you can recruit "noble" and "luck" and ask for help.
It is better to bless these 6 elements of your own to make luck a kind of strength!
In addition to burying your head, you should also look up and look into the distance.
"Choice is more important than hard work." In the end, Grandpa retells this passage again.
Don't forget to find out your core beliefs in the screening process.
He is not a slash now.
It is necessary to "make the core skills work first and then extend other skills."
More is the unbeaten key to becoming a slash
Applause is encouraged to the grandfather. Too many life details and processes can't be said. All the way, though not the strongest, but constantly surpass yourself!
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