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Image demonstration zone

Zone A: Career information zone

 This zone assists youth in understanding themselves through fun games; and expanding the possibilities for their career development through the life-career rainbow model and introduction to career life.

Zone B: Industrial information zone

 An introduction to jobs related to the e-sport industry chain (hardware facilities, software games, e-sport competition and direct broadcasting) through gaming puzzle games. All types of job and industry related videos are also provided here.

Zone C: Youth information zone

 Young people who seek for a job are welcome to this zone! This zone provides not only interview skill, CV creation and workplace adaptation workshops, but also multi-development and vocational trainings, and information about career development and employment centers.

D: I am the lead anchor

 Let us become a happy lead anchor to introduce jobs of all kinds!

E: The career carnival check-ins

 Take a photo with your friend, and then upload it and check ins for fun!

Knowledge sharing zone

A space provided for the youth and volunteers for thinking, planning and talking!

Self-service zone

This zone offers the service of reading career related books, reports, newspapers and magazines.

Group consultation room

Designed for group consultations, tests and other activities.

Individual consultation room

This partitioned space, which provides individual high privacy, is ideal for individual consultations and interview simulation.

Multi-functional room

Designed for group visits, career lectures, career lessons and video watching activities.

Last updated date:2019-10-25

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