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About Youth Salon

The unemployment rate for the youth has long been over 10%. The gap between learning and applying, and the phenomenon of skill mismatch often make the youth bewildered when they are about to enter the job market and plan for their future. The rapid progress of technology and diversification of jobs also require continuous development of job functions. Career planning and move therefore becomes a challenge that most of the people shall confront with and handle.
YS not only values individual’s vocational exploration and preparations for employment, but also pays attention to the demand of employment market and changes to industrial development. With an expectation of integrating career development relevant services and resources, YS responds to and satisfies youth’s demand for career development, helping them to work happily and enjoy their job.

Service Targets

Students or graduates aged from 15 to 29 years old.

Four Objective Goals
1. Enlighten the youths to find their direction of career development; and provide career development and career planning services.
2. Enhance the expertise and competences of schools’ career consultants.
3. Enhance enterprises’ knowledge with respect to human resource management and enable them to have stable workforce.
4. Build the career development concepts in parents, enabling them to respect the children and guide them to implement career planning with flexibility.
Eight Core Services
Career Personality and Aptitude Test

Through the implementation and interpretation of psychological tests, assist individuals in exploring their career with respect to their hobby, ability, personality traits and point of view.

Career Consultations

The one-to-one career consulting service is provided to individuals for clarifications of and discussions on their career development.

Corporate Visits

Through corporate visits and experiential vocational trainings, provide the youth an opportunity to visit the work place, and experience and know the development, workplace and work contents of specific industry.

Career Planning Lectures

Hold lectures in regard to the trend and development of emerging industry and employment market. The idea is to lead young entrepreneurs or youth who desire to change a job to find the direction of their future career.

Group Lessons

Hold career related workshops and activities to assist the youth in self-exploration and finding their career direction.

CV Check

Customize individuals’ CV to increase the number of interviews

Simulated Interview

Enhance job seekers’ interview skills and experiences by simulating the the interview process and questions, and assisting them in appearance preparations, hoping them to construct professional images and fully show individual capability in the formal interview.

Connect to Regional Branch’s Training and Employment Services and Resources

For schools and enterprises that desire to use the employment services and vocational training resources, Youth Salon can assist them in receiving more information and applying for relevant trainings and resources.

Last updated date:2019-10-30

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